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Does Virtual reality really create engagement in 2018?

Does Virtual reality really create engagement in2018?

Social media marketing forms an integral part of most businesses’ yearly strategies and budget in 2018, it is a fab. But let’s admit it, times have drastically changed over the last 10 years in digital marketing and it is getting more and more harder to really get the user to engage with a product or a brand. Unless you would spend millions on creative advertising, picking the brains of marketing genius, let’s admit it, true customer engagement is really hard to get to… There are constantly new companies emerging that offer innovative marketing solutions that vow to boost sales of businesses, but is it really the case?Let’s for example take Virtual reality.. Does  really it create engagement in 2018?

In 2018, companies have to find new and innovative ways to engage, yet many feel that their mere presence on social media or in trade shows is sufficient. In reality, we are living in a digital world where expectations for personalized experiences are higher than ever before and constantly climbing. It is funny that companies spend enormous sums of money to participate in corporate events and ignore the fact that their return on investment has been steadily eroding over time. The good news is that there are ways to turn this ship around.

Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology that allows brands to create an experience that speaks directly to individuals rather than boring the masses with cookie cutter communication.

For example, suppose you are the giant construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar. How do you properly exhibit a huge portfolio of products ranging from the world’s biggest bulldozer to a home generator? Using Virtual reality, this is entirely possible all from one headset. Imagine how efficient it is to offer a Virtual reality test drive of a bulldozer and then minutes later offer an interactive experience about a home generator. The goal of Virtual reality  is to not just create engagement, but to create always leverage engagement to show the right content to the right customers.

Developing virtual reality applications is an investment in the future. Younger generations like the Millennials and Generation Z are your future customers and they have grown up in a fundamentally different way than previous ones. Their exposure and adoption of emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality is rapid and their expectations for interactive and digital experiences are high.

Companies have a small chance of opportunity to attract, engage, and convert people who are being simultaneously bombarded by messaging from hundreds or even thousands of other companies on different social platforms. Each of these opportunities must be maximized to justify the expense and effort required to participate in a corporate event or to spend big bucks on digital or traditional advertising. Virtual reality is the ultimate engagement tool for events because it delivers immersive, branded experiences that are both entertaining and educational.

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The future of real estate marketing

Traditional real estate marketing is it really dead? Is it really?

Real estate marketing, the digital, the good and the ugly!

Some would say that successful real estate marketing campaigns cannot exist without the good old paper adverts. Well both opinions are right actually. But lately, we have been moving into an era that takes us gradually into a world that nobody would have ever thought could become successful. But the reality is that, the digital is well present and represents nowadays more than eighty percent of an agent’s leads source generator.

The Zillow and Trulias are real cornerstones in real estate marketing strategies nowadays, we have to face it. Of course, it is always nice to have a paper advert appear in the latest financial times Home Edition, (for branding purposes), but the results would be exactly that, BRANDING!!!! And what does a branding exercise do? NO CALLS!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, your brand will be out there and probably recognized after millions in paper ads spent, but that would only bring to you the recognition in the long term. Until then, have a look at your cash flow…

Thanks to innovation and “challenging the status quo”, great minds have joined to bring new ways to attract qualified leads.
Among them is the famous Matterport, creators of a super powerful 3D camera, able in a few hours to “scan” a property and the end results is a high quality virtual tour so easy to navigate that you feel like you are actually in the property viewing every bits and corners of the said property. And the agent could even push the experience further with the VR glasses, this is the summum of this technology.

Matterport has quickly build a strong reputation in the real estate world since the last two years and continues it’s expansion in countries they would not even think about when they were designing the camera.

So is this really the future of real estate marketing? Figues seem to show that it is. Agents say that engagement has increased by 60 to 70 percent since they started using the technology.

And the business model from matterport is quite interesting actually for real estate photographers of videographers who can become Matterport Service partners and get leads from requests from the website.

So watch out, in a near future, posting a paper ad would be like putting an expensive piece of art in a fancy art gallery, where viewers (a few) would only stand in front of your art and contemplate for a few seconds before moving to the buffet section!




Importance of Virtual Tours and Online Marketing
The most effective and useful real estate marketing strategies are those that provide profit to the business. With the current status of the realty industry, where there is an increase of properties for sale and the declining percentage of interested buyers, it’s a must to design and plan a powerful tool to compete. Using a virtual tour such as the High Definition virtual tours provided by Arkansas Virtual Media servicing all of Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Fayetteville can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

The use of such technology enables the seller to create a highly competitive means of presenting his/her properties to the potential buyers. Providing them a comprehensive view of the properties in a much advanced and technological way. Applying virtual tours in online marketing will no doubt raise the bar for your business. The method is designed to give the consumers the ease and convenience when researching on a new property. For the majority of consumers, they typically turn to the internet when looking for something they want to buy. With this, a realtor ought to know the importance of online marketing in order to increase sales and attract more online clients as well.

Internet users have fallen in love with virtual tours and the number of viewers is elevating everyday, therefore it is imperative to design a virtual tour presentation that is attractive and will convey to the prospective buyer “as if they are looking at the actual property”. Making them spend more time on the website and consider the property.

Marketing online and utilizing virtual tours is one of the many advances people are embracing today. It is very important to get educated with the many types of rich media along the vast information superhighway. Rich media can be a 360 degree interactive virtual tour, web-based streaming video, photo slide show, etc., that is able to be shared with others. Nonetheless, it is an online marketing technique wherein people can take control and navigate every area of what they are viewing. Almost every person loves the option to choose to have the convenience in everything they do. In this sense, virtual tour technology when properly used will give an instant result. Designing a tour that attracts the interest of the buyer with a complete package of presentation is certainly a hit.