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Traditional real estate marketing is it really dead? Is it really?

Real estate marketing, the digital, the good and the ugly!

Some would say that successful real estate marketing campaigns cannot exist without the good old paper adverts. Well both opinions are right actually. But lately, we have been moving into an era that takes us gradually into a world that nobody would have ever thought could become successful. But the reality is that, the digital is well present and represents nowadays more than eighty percent of an agent’s leads source generator.

The Zillow and Trulias are real cornerstones in real estate marketing strategies nowadays, we have to face it. Of course, it is always nice to have a paper advert appear in the latest financial times Home Edition, (for branding purposes), but the results would be exactly that, BRANDING!!!! And what does a branding exercise do? NO CALLS!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, your brand will be out there and probably recognized after millions in paper ads spent, but that would only bring to you the recognition in the long term. Until then, have a look at your cash flow…

Thanks to innovation and “challenging the status quo”, great minds have joined to bring new ways to attract qualified leads.
Among them is the famous Matterport, creators of a super powerful 3D camera, able in a few hours to “scan” a property and the end results is a high quality virtual tour so easy to navigate that you feel like you are actually in the property viewing every bits and corners of the said property. And the agent could even push the experience further with the VR glasses, this is the summum of this technology.

Matterport has quickly build a strong reputation in the real estate world since the last two years and continues it’s expansion in countries they would not even think about when they were designing the camera.

So is this really the future of real estate marketing? Figues seem to show that it is. Agents say that engagement has increased by 60 to 70 percent since they started using the technology.

And the business model from matterport is quite interesting actually for real estate photographers of videographers who can become Matterport Service partners and get leads from requests from the website.

So watch out, in a near future, posting a paper ad would be like putting an expensive piece of art in a fancy art gallery, where viewers (a few) would only stand in front of your art and contemplate for a few seconds before moving to the buffet section!


The future of real estate marketing

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